Yearly certified record sales (+ digital singles)

Timeline history of most popular music artists from 1969 to 2019 ranked by yearly certified record sales. Numbers are worldwide and adjusted to twelve months trailing average.
Data Sources: RIIA, IFPI | Source

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Heart rate during Doctoral Defense (click image for full version)

Heart rate recorded on an Apple Watch and visual created in DataGraph for macOS Defense average was calculated for the period of the actual doctoral defense session (14:00 to 15:30) Labeled events were matched with the time stamp on the video recording.

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One hour of active satellites orbiting Earth (sped up by 240x)

Visualization Tools: Pyorbital (for getting satellite locations), Matplotlib
Note: the size of the “satellites” (data points) are NOT to scale (it would be pretty much impossible to visualize this if they were)
Data Source | Source

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The world's fastest Super Mario Bros 1 players

The worlds 187 fastest SMB1 players after 4 minutes, 55 seconds, and 646 milliseconds (the current world record)
Visualization done with custom Python/C++ programs.
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Coronavirus Deaths vs Other Epidemics From Day of First Death (Since 2000)

Built with Flourish Studio

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